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Christine Arundell

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Christine Arundell

Your Essential Solutions - Clear Clutter and Transfrom with Christine Arundell

Has clutter taken over your life? Do you feel overwhelmed? 
I work directly with you to clear clutter and organize your home, office, and life.

In addition to de-cluttering, I provide compassionate support during transitions such as:

  • Moving and down-sizing

  • Merging or separating households

  • Mindful thinning out of possessions as part of your aging process

  • Simplifying your home and life

  • And much more; call to discuss how I might assist you.

YES! You can shift from clutter to clarity, transform your habits, and make healthy choices.

CALL OR TEXT: 541-840-0681

Serving the Great Puget Sound Area and beyond

Your initial phone consultation is always free


***** Christine Arundell is a Professional Organizer and Life Transitions Coach with over 16 years experience. She works with clients throughout Washington, Oregon and other locations upon request.

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Christine Arundell


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