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Cre8tive Feng Shui

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Cre8tive Feng Shui

Cre8tive Feng Shui and the Emerald Feng Shui Institute: As a certified Intuitive Feng Shui® practitioner I am offering a holistic approach to creating your home/work environments through personal consultations and through comprehensive educational programs - 7-Day Feng Shui Intensive – March 11-17.


My services are manifold, they include design and feng shui consultations, interiors, exteriors, new design and remodel projects.

My emphasis is on:

• Harmonizing people, places and sites

• Enhancing and activating vital qi flow into and through your building

• Creating physical space as a true reflection of your aspirations

• Aligning your personal qi with the environment’s flow of qi

  • Optimizing relationship dynamics at home and at work.

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Gisela Stehr


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