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Dr. Sylvaine Francine, DC, DD

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Dr. Sylvaine Francine, DC, DD

Find peace in your mind and your heart, let go of your past and stop living in the future. Find true freedom. I would be honored to work with you. Compassionate counseling. Transformation. Live a life where you feel good about yourself. Find balance. Your body and energetic space are yours only. Clear them from unwanted energy, free yourself from confusion and find clarity.


Past Lives, Energy Work, Chakras and Aura Clearing, Space Clearing, Traumas, Emotional Healing, Reprogramming, Health Issues, Reconnective Healing, Bach Flower Essences, Meditation, Seminars.

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Contact Information

(206) 502-7575

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Counseling - Spiritual
Energy and Space Clearing
Past Lives Therapy
Spiritual Healing
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