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Heart and Soul Holistic Coaching and Retreats

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Heart and Soul Holistic Coaching and Retreats

Celebrate Your True Nature

If you are a soul inspired woman who desires to be heard, healed and whole, then this is for YOU.

We are reclaiming our voices, our bodies, and our power to reflect our true essence of being a woman.

I'm Isis, and I facilitate women in answering their soul's call and finding their heart's work.

Do you have a vision of a new business but you're not sure where to start? What seed(s) do you want to cultivate in creating YOUR life with purpose and happiness? What areas of your life needs more balance and harmony? From a holistic perspective, we will discover through the coaching process what is working in balancing your life and find ways for you to move into the future with passion, confidence and enthusiasm. You will gain clarity, define purpose, and strategies along your path to empowerment. You will walk away with a practical, tailored plan and the steps to move toward the vision you have for your life.


Areas of focus

  • Emotional/Mental Health wellbeing

  • Physical Health-Improve vitality

  • Relationship Health

  • Personal Development

  • Occupation/Finance Health-Love what you DO

  • Healing the Past-Re-writing a NEW story

  • Spiritual Health-Explore the deeper meaning of life


About Isis Wheeler, MA, LMHC, CHLC, CHT

I am a licensed mental health therapist in Washington State, USA. I am also a holistic life coach, a Reiki master in multiple techniques, a hypnotist, and a mindfulness facilitator. I offer my services in person, by Skype/Zoom, or by phone for distant sessions.

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I offer my services in person, by Skype/Zoom, or by phone for distant sessions

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