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White Cloud Institute

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White Cloud Institute

White Cloud Institute provides lifelong learning opportunities to all ages. Since opening in Santa Fe, NM in 2000 we have offered quality education and retreats around the world.


We serve health care professionals seeking continuing education and the general public seeking to add to their knowledge of long life practices.

Classes include Qigong and Meditation, Forest Bathing, Chi Nei Tsang training, Longevity Retreats, Pelvic Health, Energy Medicine and more.

Amethyst by the Sea is aligned with White Cloud Institute; it’s lead practitioner Caryn Boyd Diel offers the following treatments. Asian Body Therapy; Chi Nei Tsang which improves overall metabolism and gut health. MELT living body sessions teach a self care routine to re hydrate connective tissue for better performance and to relieve pain.

Treatments done on Amethyst BioMats improve circulation and assist in Detoxification. Energy Medicine and more.

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Contact Information

White Cloud Institute
PO Box 31996
Bellingham, WA 98228

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