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12 STEPS TO CLEARING CLUTTER: Tips for Successful Organizing

Do you have big clutter? Small clutter? Hidden clutter? Here’s a list to help you successfully complete your next organizing project.

1. How do you want to live? List your priorities and your vision.

2. Make a commitment to start and share it with someone. (spouse, friend, counselor)

3. Baby steps! Plan to take small, manageable steps during this process

4. Schedule time and honor it. Silence your phone and avoid distractions.

5. Gather these tools:

  • At least four boxes or bags labeled with Trash, Recycle, Give Away, Relocate. You may want containers for Sell, Give to (a specific person), etc.

  • Trash bags, labels, marker, notepad, file folders, tape, cleaning supplies.

6. Choose a place to start: your desk, a closet, your pantry…

7. Clear off a surface (such as a desktop, shelf, drawer); replace only the essential items and sort the rest into your Trash, Recycling, Give Away, and Relocate containers. Continue…

8. During this sorting process, put like items with other like items. Gently release what you don't love and use. The following questions will help.

  • Do I love it (or at least like it)? Do I need it?

  • When was the last time I used it (wore it, looked at it, appreciated it)?

  • Do I own duplicates of this item?

  • Does it need repair? Am I willing to spend the time and/or money to fix it?

  • Does it relate to the priorities in my life? Does it support or enhance who I am now?

  • What memories or associations does it have? Pleasant or unpleasant? Do I wish to continue to share my home with it -- and the memories?

9. Stay in the room you’re working on so you can remain focused. If you’re reminded of tasks you need to do, write these down on your notepad.

10. Assign a home to everything. Where do you use it? Where would you look for it?

11. Give yourself plenty of time at the end to put your “Relocate” items away and clean up.

12. Celebrate your newly cleared area!

If you get stuck, ask someone neutral for support. If it still feels overwhelming, call me for a free consultation. I’ve been helping clients get organized for over 17 years. I work alongside you, while teaching you the organizational skills for real and lasting change. Take the next step to release your clutter!

(541) 840-0681


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