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28 Days of Firefly - A Forkful Each Day in February!

We want to inspire you to feel better by committing to 28 days of eating fermented veggies, aka sauerkraut.

We picked February, the month of love, to share why we do what we do here at Firefly, to inspire you to love yourself through loving your gut. We want you, your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to join us in eating a forkful a day because we KNOW these foods taste amazing and WILL help you feel better if you eat them daily.

Rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and flavor, our kraut has the probiotic power to transform how you eat and how you feel — and it's delicious.

Just one forkful of Firefly fermented sauerkraut contains millions of probiotic bacteria proven to:

- Improve Digestion

- Reduce Inflammation

- Boost Immunity & Metabolism

- Balance Hormones

- Alleviate Depression & Anxiety

How it works:

Challenge yourself to eating sauerkraut every day for the month of February.

- New to fermented foods? Try to eat one forkful a day!

- Kraut lover already? Two forkfuls each day may be feasible.

- Already a kraut evangelist? Committing to a ferment at each meal may be perfect for you!

Simply make sure the ferments you choose are organic and raw (not pasteurized) to reap the healing benefits. We want to help you feel better, regardless of whether you’re eating your favorite Firefly ferments, another brand, or making your own at home. The goal is to eat more probiotic, fiber-rich, and flavorful kraut!

Follow along here at 28 Days of Firefly.

We will provide 28 days of inspiration right here to help you complete your goal.

Print out this handy checklist.

It's a great visual reminder, and will help you keep track of your kraut-eating success!

Join the community on Facebook, and Instagram by following us, as well as the hashtag #fireflyforkful.

Following the hashtag will allow you to see what others are sharing and will help make sure you don’t miss a post!

Share your stories for a chance win a copy of our cookbook!

Sleeping sounder, seeing clearer skin, enjoying more energy, or just pooping better? Did you turn a new friend on to sauerkraut or figure out how to get your finicky eater involved? Share your recipe, testimonial, or success story on Facebook or Instagram anytime throughout the month of February - make sure to tag Firefly and to use the hashtag #fireflyforkful in your post. Each week, we’ll pick one favorite to receive a copy of our cookbook, Fresh and Fermented.

Ready to join the movement? Get those forks ready and meet us back here on February 1st.

Reprinted with permission from Firefly Kitchens.


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