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Arrival of first shipment of R/O systems.

By Nancy Rivard - President Airline Ambassadors

Dear Martha and Natural Choice Network, Providing clean water for the Hopi by Airline Ambassadors has just posted a report about the impact of your donations. You have made 2 donations for a total of $525.00 to this project. Your most recent donation to this project was last year. Here's the unedited update from the field:
Leon and Nancy presenting to Ernest

Hello Friends,

A team from Airline Ambassadors, the Isa Foundation & Clean Water Foundation delivered the first 21 Reverse Osmosis units as well as 100 Wellness manuals, shirts and masks for children last October as the reservation was still on lockdown, We were met by Ernest and Albert,of Hopiland in Sedona at the home of Martha Childress of the Natural Choice Network. They gave us background on the serious problem faced by residents there and loaded up a truck to drive the filters and supplies to the reservation that evening.

Ernest shares how Reverse Osmosis works

Ernest and Albert began installations for needy families and Velleda, a teacher from the Hopi tribe distributed the shirts, masks and wellness manuals to 100 families during a turkey giveaway on Nov. 20. You can see the story at this link.

Revers Osmosis Unit detail

Since that time we provided for the purchase and installation of 47 more filters which we have shipped to Sedona and they will soon be picked up to meet the pressing need!

Ernest and Al share background

We will highlight this project on World Water Day on Monday, March 22, 2021 and planning a virtual fundraiser and a concert on the Hopi reservation once the lockdown is lifted.

In the words of Ernest Taho of Black Mesa Trust

"I would like to say a big thank you to you all who have generously given to this project, may the creator bless you and your families with safe and healthy lives"

Kwahkw`a (Thank You),

Let's Keep on Keeping on.

Truck load of filters for Hopi Reservation

With team from Isa Foundation

Tee Shirts for kids

Reprinted by permission from Airstreams Ambassadors International


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Nancy Rivard

Califon, NJ United States


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