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DIY Feng Shui: Little Things Mean a Lot

In feng shui small changes can shift the energy of a space in a big way. In my bedroom, I have a square window, which overlooks the backyard gardens. It was a very popular window style in the 1950s when my house was built. It doesn't open, and no matter what window treatment I use, it still has an outdated 50's look!

Did you know that in China, every window in a garden is different? When you look at the windows along a garden wall, you will see many different shapes. If the shape is the same, then the metal grid work inside will be a different design.

Inspired by the gardens of Suzhou, China, I decided to create my own garden window. I found some triangular garden embellishments on the internet. They are made out of aluminum with a pretty Dogwood flower design. First I spray painted them a cream color to match my woodwork. Then I installed one in each corner of my 50's square window. This created an octagon border, a most auspicious shape of harmony and balance in feng shui. The octagon is the shape of the feng shui bagua, which is an essential feng shui mapping tool used for thousands of years.

I cannot tell you how much joy I now get out of viewing my backyard garden! From my bed each morning I see the sky, the changing seasons, flying insects and birds cruising at eye level! I see things I never noticed before! Reframing my window has altered my perception of the world! Every day I discover different aspects of my life. Is there an aspect of your life that needs reframing? In feng shui small changes can reap huge rewards!

Janani Lucas of Feng Shui - The Spirit of Place has more than 20 years experience.  She has achieved mastery level of Black Sect Feng Shui under the direct tutelage of the late Feng Shui Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche


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