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Embracing Relationship with Feng Shui: Opposites Really Do Attract!

The Bagua

In feng shui we use an ancient eight-sided mapping tool called the Bagua. It contains a wealth of information including the eight basic energies and where they are located. For the purpose of this article, I’ll only show the energies and their location. As you can see, the energy of Heaven is located in the area of Benefactors, the energy of Water in Career, Mountain energy is in Knowledge & Self Cultivation, Thunder is in Family, Wind in Wealth, Fire in Fame and Earth energy is located in Relationship. Earth energy is receptive and nurturing. To embrace or enhance your relationships, this is the area we will focus on. Stand at the door of your bedroom, now lay the bagua map as above, and you will discover the Partnership/Relationship area is in the far right corner of the room.

Embracing Partnerships (Earth)

There are many things you can do to enhance your relationships. A very important one is to place your bed in the “command position.” We are very vulnerable when we sleep. Perhaps you have difficult sleep patterns or wake up exhausted? Shifting your bed will help ensure a deep sleep. The command position is the farthest away from the door and in full view of the door while lying in bed.

The wood element promotes stability and support in your life. If at all possible, buy a wooden bed with a solid headboard, and it is best to place the bed against a solid wall. The headboard brings both sides of the bed together uniting partners in peace and harmony. Avoid metal beds, as they can conduct electricity promoting an unnecessary electro-magnetic field. Also avoid waterbeds. The fluidity of water is way too unstable.

Another thing you can do to enhance your relationships is to regularly clear out any clutter in your bedroom, especially under your bed. This will encourage chi or energy to circulate evenly throughout your room. Clutter creates stale, slow stuck energy which will eventually spill over into all your relationships. When cleaning and clearing out the clutter, open the windows to refresh the chi. It’s fun to ring a bell or clap your hands loudly to quickly get out all the stale chi.

Pink, red and white are the colors for the partnership gua or area of the bagua. Sheets, flowers, artwork, lingerie and wall color are just a few of things you can color pink. Red is often used to promote hot passion. Peach can be used to bring in a new partner. In China there are many stories about Peach Blossom Love. Be careful, use the color peach wisely!

Remove any pictures of relatives, friends and children. It’s not that you don’t love them. Your bedroom is your private intimate space, only to be shared by those you invite.

Embracing Self-Cultivation (Mountain)

One of the most important aspects to enhance your relationships is rarely considered and hardly ever mentioned. It is perhaps the single most important adjustment you can initiate. Look again at the Bagua. Notice that the Partnership area is directly opposite the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation area. This is no accident. To embrace and enhance your relationships, you must also embrace and enhance your knowledge and cultivate self awareness. How can you possibly know what you want in a relationship, if you have little or no knowledge of who you are? The Partnership area or gua is where Earth energy collects. Earth energy is female, receptive and nurturing. Mountain energy is found in Knowledge and Self-Cultivation. This energy is uplifting, ascending going higher and higher toward Ultimate Truth. Historically sages seek mountain energy for their lengthy retreats, using mountain chi to go deeper and deeper into the true nature of life.

To emphasize any particular area in our lives, we must strengthen that area, as well as the opposite area found in the Bagua. To attain a healthy relationship we obviously strengthen the Partnership area of the Bagua and we must also strengthen the opposite area, which is Knowledge and Self-Cultivation. In feng shui opposites really do attract!

Janani Lucas at Feng Shui the spirit of place, provides Feng Shui consultations, energy clearing, and interior/exterior design services. (206) 361-9382


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