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Fair Trade

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

If you have purchased a bag of coffee or a package of chocolate recently, chances are that you have seen the Fair Trade mark on the shelf. So what is Fair Trade?

On the surface, Fair Trade means to trade in fair terms. But the Fair Trade movement goes much deeper than that. Fair trade provides opportunities for disadvantaged people in developing nations a chance to earn decent income to support themselves and their families. The Fair Trade system provides a mechanism for suppliers in the developing countries to access consumers in the developed nations. Fair Trade USA provides certifications for suppliers to guarantee that the workers who produce the goods are paid and treated fairly, and that the environment is being protected and funds are being channeled to support the communities. Many organizations help to enforce this network. Some are involved with educating consumers about the benefits of fair trade. Others help suppliers improve product quality, marketability and production methods.

Listen to the history of the movement, and the heart-warming success stories. It is easy for us to be a part of the movement. Be a conscious consumer and contribute to improving life and happiness. It is a win-win situation.

An introduction of Fair Trade -- its background, principles, and where it is today.

Listen to broadcast 10/22/13

Kmbris Bond, Board Chair, Ten Thousand Villages

Doug Dirks, Original Forerunner for Fair Trade and Former CEO, Ten Thousand Villages


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