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Getting Behind Binge Eating

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Binge eating ~ Eating more than normal in a short period of time for emotional reasons. Why?

According to experts, our subconscious minds drive behaviors. Negative emotions, when not being dealt with properly, are buried deep in our minds. When triggered, the negative energy can throw our minds and bodies out of balance. Our innate tendency to regain balance and positivity drives us to look for comfort, like food. Unfortunately, our bodies may get trained over time to get accustomed to the habit of binge eating.

"This is not about food." To stop binge eating means that we have to dive deeper into our emotions. Tune-in to find out how we can work with our subconscious minds.

Explore how our subconscious minds drive uncontrollable eating and what we can do to stop it.
Listen to broadcast 05/21/13

Dr. Kabran Chapek, ND, Amen Clinics


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