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Gifts of Being

There is an intelligence waiting to unfold us the instant we allow our awareness to join it. It is the intelligence of an innate wisdom that intrinsically knows precisely what is needed at any given point in time. This unbiased, unconditional, generosity of genius is the living guidance of our being; a direct conduit to the infinite flow of source. And all that is necessary is that we are present. But what is presence?

If we look at the definition of the word presence, it means now. And masters for eons have been guiding us in the art of being here now. Yet if presence is to be here now, then what is being? Being means essence. So then, if being means essence, then what is it to be a human being? In Sanskrit Hu means love. In the Webster's dictionary man means essence and being means essence. So then to be present is actually pre-essence! It is basically the mechanism of slowing down and pausing in the momentum that flies us forward or pulls us back. And in that pause or space, what is being the essence of? Ahhh! We come full circle returning again to love.

Isn't it amazing that right here in the very name given us as a species is the continual reminder of our true nature? Now if we are the essence of the essence of love, then what is that which is subtle and subtler? So subtle, yet powerful; minute, yet infinitely expanded. Free from the self-imposed limitations of judgment; aligned in the coherent field of love. These subtleties are the essences comprising the soul itself. This is the breath that breathes the breath, the subtle energies of our soul. That, which individuates us, yet unites us in the wholeness of All.

Here is ground zero, where the edges meet. Where who we once thought we are comes undone. Melded, morphed and purified into the fuller version of you! This is where the subtle essences of our soul act upon us, rendering us authentic, dismantling any false structure of identity. And if we dare to accept this dance and allow it to move us, the gift given is beyond price. For what we are given is life! Not any kind of life. This is life creating life, authoring itself...buoyant, flowing, abundant, and alive; an essential life. Not the frenzied, feverish or depressed way one feels when trying to catch up with or when chasing after life. But rather this is the calm depth and quiet expanse of peace that confidence arises from, the direct experience of spirit.

From this unadulterated loving truth, the most subtle flirtations of our essences whisper their love song. Inviting awareness to open her eyes, to savor the scent, caress the intangible, and soar in her grace.

The gifts of our being are infinitely bountiful. And once we bow to her glory and step onto her magic carpet our life will never be the same.

Kim Lincoln is an energetic practitioner, registered spiritual midwife, and weaver of Terrain of Essence, a mind-body-spirit methodology. She is certified in Ortho-Bionomy and Touch Trauma Injury Resolution, and is a Third Degree Reiki Master. Since 1971 Kim has trained in over 20 somatic and quantum modalities. She was both a student and in the Diamond Approach teacher training with Hameed Ali [A.H. Almaas] for 9 years, and with Faisal Muqaddam of the Diamondlogos Teachings for 23 years; systems supporting our spiritual unfoldment.


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