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Green Halloween

As trees turn red, the orange pumpkins grace our land, the air gets a bit spooky as well. I love Halloween, the color, the treats, kids' laughter, and yes, the scars. As we prepare for the festivities, it would be great to keep Mother Earth in mind.

Have you consider what would go to the landfill after all the parties are over? From decoration to treats wrappings to party favors, is there something we can do to have fun without burdening our environment?

Have you ever wonder how far your creativity would go before buying new decorations? Have you tried your hands on readily available material from nature or reusables from your home?

Do you know what you are putting on your body and face to create your favorite party character?

The list goes on. Tune in to get tips on making Halloween a eco-friendly and healthy celebration. Make Green can be the new Orange.

Photo credit: Halloween Pumpkin Burning Lamp by Eugenia


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