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Herbal Remedies for Fall Health

Editors Message: Tired of blowing your nose and seeing through the watery eyes? You are not alone. After all this is the allergy, cold and flu season. But do we need to fall victim to this natural occurrence called season? As the author cleverly put it, "Catch me if you can". Prevention is better than cure. Boosting our immune at the start of the season gives us a leg up in the fight against common fall ailments. Natural remedies such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplements and vitamins can help. Here is a practical guide that can help boost our immune systems, ease the symptoms and speed recovery naturally. Get well. There are plenty out there to enjoy in the fall.


There are certain times of year when people are more affected by allergens, especially spring and fall. During these times levels of certain allergens, including pollens, grasses, molds and dust, are more prevalent. An allergen is a normally harmless substance that causes the immune system to react by releasing substances called histamines. Histamines cause inflammation, excess mucous production, respiratory and nasal congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, wheezing, and skin rashes. When the allergens are removed, the immune system returns to normal. If allergens aren't removed, the immune system remains in overdrive and chronic congestion results. Studies show that specific herbs and supplements inhibit the release of histamine by mast cells, thereby relieving allergy symptoms. Also, food allergies often contribute to chronic congestion.

Treatments For Acute Allergy Attacks

Sinutone: Opens and decongests the sinuses, lessens watery, itchy eyes.

Suggested Use:30-60 drops up to 4 x daily.

Freeze-dried Nettles: Acts quickly as an anti-histamine to relieve allergy symptoms.

Suggested Use: 2-4 capsules as needed.

Treatments For Chronic Allergies

Sinutone Plus Triple Kit: Complete allergy and sinus support.

Sinutone: Opens the sinuses and relieves congestion.Astragalus Plus: Boosts immune system response to deter allergens.Herbal Biotic: Decreases inflammation in the sinuses and respiratory system.

Seasonali-Tea: Decongests the sinuses and respiratory passages.

Suggested Use: 2-4 cups daily.

Breathe Free Oil: Opens the sinuses and respiratory tract to allow one to breathe free.

Suggested Use: Apply to chest and temples, use as a vaporizing steam in bath or sauna.

Additional Suggestions to Ease Seasonal Allergies

Quercetin/Nettle Compound: A strong anti-histamine effect that counteracts allergic reactions in the body.

Suggested Use:3 capsules 2-3 x daily between meals.

Neti Pot: Decongests and flushes allergens and bacteria from the sinuses.

For convenience, use the neti pot while in the shower. This prevents a mess and is best in the morning to clear the head.Yarrow tea makes a great neti pot rinse: it is astringent, aromatic and antimicrobial.

Ester-C: Protects against immune system deficiencies and clears congestion.

Suggested Use:3000 mg daily.

Probiotics: Replenishes good bacteria in the colon to boost immune system response.

10-Day Cleanse

Fresh Start Kit or Detox-It Kit: Recommended at the change of season to rid the body of inflammatory material and prevent allergies.


"Catch me if you can!" That should be our motto as we enter the colder months of the year. The common cold and the flu are both viral infections that affect the upper respiratory tract. A cold affects the throat, chest and head areas while the flu affects the whole body with fever, body aches and extreme fatigue. Oftentimes when we catch a cold or flu, we look for the quickest and easiest way to suppress the symptoms. The common cold can be viewed as the body's way of cleansing out the lymphatic system. When you have a cold you want to bring heat to the body. Echinacea is a perfect example of this, because it is a circulatory stimulant, lymphatic cleanser and immune stimulant. There are many ways to ensure you don't catch a cold even though the season can throw a lot of them at you.

Herbalist Suggestions to Ward Off the Cold

Echinacea Plus: Contains the root and seed to provide strong immune stimulation and lymphatic cleansing properties.

Suggested Use: At first sign of symptoms, take 30-60 drops every hour if possible throughout the waking day.

Immuno-Blast: Echinacea fortified with Elderberry extract provides cold and flu support for the whole family and protects against air-borne pathogens.

Suggested Use: Adults - 90 drops every 2-3 hours. Kids - 30-60 drops every 2-3 hours.

Respitonic: Contains antiviral herbs that help to reduce fever, and relieve aches and pains.

Suggested Use: 60 drops 3-4 x daily.

Seasonali-Tea: Warming, decongestant tea that is soothing for colds and flu.

Suggested Use: 2-3 cups daily.

Cough-Eze Syrup: An alcohol-free cough syrup that soothes and cools the throat.

Suggested Use: Adults - 1 Tb as needed. Kids - ½ - 1 tsp as needed.

Breathe Free Oil: Opens the nasal passages and relieves chest congestion.

Suggested Use: Apply to chest and temples, or as vaporizing steam in bath.

Additional Suggestions to Ease Cold & Flu Symptoms & Speed Healing

Ester-C: Stimulates immune function and speeds healing time from colds and flu.

Suggested Use: Up to 4000 mg in divided doses throughout the day.

Oscillococcinum: A popular homeopathic blend indicated for "flu-like symptoms" that greatly speeds healing time and alleviates symptoms of colds and flu.

Yin Chiao: Used for sore throats and other cold and flu like symptoms.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Great for children too!

  • 1C Fruit juice (organic diluted apple or pear)

  • ½ Banana - frozen (peel and chop before freezing

  • )1/2C Fruit - frozen (organic blueberries and strawberries)

  • 1 T Flax oil - Omega-3 rich

  • 1 T Maca Powder

  • 1 T Greens Protein Powder

  • 2 T Liquid Cal-Mag

  • 1-2 emptied capsuleProbiotics

  • 4 droppersful Renew-U Extrac

  • t4 droppersful Rasayana /Adapt to Life Extract

Excerpt from Flour·ish: Go-To Guide for Herbal Medicine by Tierney P. Salter. Ms Salter is a practicing Medical Herbalist and Iridologist, and founder of The Herbalist. Reprinted with permission from the publisher.


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