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Hopi & Navajo Water Purification Project Up-dates, and Fundraisers to support this vital cause

After her recent visit to the Hopi reservation in Arizona, Martha talks to Leon Mcloughlin, founder Clean Water Foundation of WA, to review the current progress of water filter installations on the Hopi reservation and plans for the Navajo. Also hear about the ongoing challenges for the Hopi and Navajo tribes, due to decades of unsafe “outside” mining practices which poisoned much of their water table and lands. Thanks to a host of volunteer supporters and generous donations, most of the Hopi now have access to clean safe drinking water, but we still have a long way to go…. Hear what you can do to help.

Fundraiser 6pm, May 25th - Civility & Unrest (W-Hotel Bellevue)

Leon McLaughlin, Founder Clean Water Foundation of Washington

Listen to Broadcast 20190507


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