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How Real Physical Healing Happens

What I would like to share with you is what I have learned about physical healing using complementary and alternative medical therapies. I will describe the therapies first to give you a greater understanding of what knowledge and skills were used. Then I will explain my theory on the physical deterioration of the body. I will follow this with a description of the healing process that has been taught to me through training and guidance. 


One of the therapies I use in my work is called Applied Kinesiology. In this therapy, I work with the client to determine where the energy is not moving in the muscles or other tissues of the body. The beauty of this therapy is that the client can physically feel the blocked energy as I work with them, and also feel how it changes after the healing has been activated.


A second therapy that I use is a type of hands-on energy healing called Brennan Healing Science. I completed a four-year course at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  In this work I take the energy that is in and around a client and re-arrange or transform it to more vibrant energy.  This vibrant energy supports the body/mind's health and happiness. 


In my experience, there are three ways the physical body breaks down or deteriorates:

1. By thoughts and their related emotions, which are shut down, covered up, or ignored.2. By the effects of damage from an accident.3. By exposure to a toxic chemical.

This damage causes tears, breaks, and lesions in the body and related energy field. All of this damage can be healed. What follows is a greater description of these three ways the damage occurs and the process used in healing the tears, breaks and lesions.    

The first way our body breaks down is by our thought system. In Quantum Physics terms: a thought is a thing therefore has energy. This energy starts out as a single unit. If it is a disturbing thought which is experienced over and over again, it gathers energy and becomes dense, hard, cold and gray colored.  When it integrates with the physical body it creates imbalance or dis-ease.     

The second way the body deteriorates is by being physically injured by anything that impacts the body from the outside like a car accident. It can of course be the other way around, the body forcing itself on something such as falling down on cement.     

The third way is from the effects of a toxic chemical that a person has been exposed to in the environment or by taking something internally, like a medicine that is too strong or not right for them.


When the body breaks down I perceive the damage with my internal vision in three different ways.

1. The damage looks like a tear that has a fraying edge.

2. The damage looks like a break. It is a clean cut that is perpendicular to the fibrous tissue.

3. The damage looks like a lesion. A lesion is a deep hole in the tissue usually running parallel to the fibrous tissue.

By using a combination of skills I have learned and my experiences as a healer over the last thirty years, I now understand that there are tears, lesions, and breaks in any tissue and its related energy where we feel pain or have a physical problem. I think of my work as repairing the energy so the physical body can heal. I know this work is divinely guided to help people live more comfortable, longer and healthier lives.     

Here are the steps I go through to accomplish the healing:  When someone has an ache or pain that is not healing well on its own, I look up that part of the body in my extremely detailed human anatomy book.  I then use applied kinesiology to find the exact location of the energy block made by the tears, breaks or lesions. As a trained healing therapist, I focus on the area and use my intention free of ego in a ‘state of being' aligned with Source to transform the energy at that location. I know that I do not do the healing, but it is done through me. 

After the hands-on energy healing session with me, the real physical healing is then activated. The physical healing takes various amounts of time to complete. It depends on what type of bodily tissue is worked on and the severity of the damage. When the damage is accompanied by pain, the pain can be gone right away or it may take around a week to vanish.

This technique is a complement to and can work in conjunction with other healing modalities without interfering in any way. My belief is that the tears, breaks, and lesions are at the energetic root of all physical disruption in the body, and removing them will enhance and speed up the healing process.


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