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Immunity & other Medicinal Benefits of Tea

Certain polyphenols are what's believed to give green tea its immune-boosting effects. One laboratory study[1] suggested that a particular group of polyphenols, called catechins or Flavan-3-ols, may kill influenza viruses. Experimental studies have reported that tea catechins inhibited influenza viral absorption and suppressed replication. They were also effective against some cold viruses. In addition, tea catechins enhance immunity against viral infection. One particular catechin called EGCG is among the most studied of the polyphenols.

Specific, quantitative ‘scoring’ of green, black, oolong, white tea polyphenols is available in USDA Flavonoid Content of Foods Database. The database is produced frequently, about every 2 years.

The primary difference between green-black-oolong tea is the level of oxidation.

Thearubigins – polyphenols abundant in black tea, found in some studies to reduce cholesterol, reduce glucose

Anti-oxidants in tea can help remove free radicals from our bodies. Free radicals are highly reactive particles formed in our body that can damage cells when their numbers get too high. Consuming foods high in antioxidants like catechins may help limit free radical damage.

Puer tea – a class of tea which has been aged for some period of time; the aging process of puer produces statins, which, in some people, reduces cholesterol levels; statin levels reach sufficient potency when the puer tea has been aged 5 years

90% of tea sold in U.S. is black tea

Tea caffeine is about 1/3 of coffee – between 20-70mg in 8oz brewed tea vs 120-130mg in coffee

Herbal tea remedies (avail. At Trailhead Tea)

- Echinacea leaf – anti-viral

- Hibiscus - improves pre-high blood pressure and mild-high blood pressure

- Valerian root – sleep; difficulty waking for some people

- St John’s Wort – calmness and sleep; sometimes interferes with effectiveness of herbs and medications, such as statins in cholesterol medications

- Nettles – nasal and upper-respiratory allergies

- Tulsi, Holy Basil – calmness and relaxation

- Greek Mountain Wellness with echinacea and manuka honey – high in antioxidants

Eileen & Dan Durand – May 20, 2020



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