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My Story of Receiving Guidance

The ability to use one’s highest level of intuitive sensing often comes as a surprise. You cannot make it happen.  What I had done with my life might have helped. I had lived a life of high integrity doing my personal work of  exploring emotions and behaviors that were not serving my higher good.  It gave me a sense of aliveness and peace of mind, as well as freeing me up to think more clearly. I also became more balanced and ground  energetically. One of the techniques I became proficient in was Re-evaluation Counselingwhich I practiced and then taught for twenty-five years. The second major technique which I studied and became proficient at was Applied Kinesiology or also called Muscle Testing. This explores physical, emotional, and energetic issues. I had several teachers and studied it for fifteen years before I taught a form of it to others. 


As I was pursuing other techniques for myself and my healing practice, I noticed I had a sense of knowing when energy had balanced. I told this to a friend who is a chiropractor.  He got guidance for me that studying a book he had would be helpful to explore this sense of knowing. I also got guidance to read this book, Hands of Light, to pursue the training with the author, Barbara Ann Brennan. She was a physicist for NASA, who became clairvoyant, as she studied meditation.  She can see the energy around and in people.  She  started a school, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and began teaching others about what she had learned.

During my very first introductory workshop, I saw an angel while we were meditating with Ms. Brennan. Even though I had my eyes shut, it looked so real to me I thought I could talk to it, so I asked its name. I was not able to understand what I heard, so I instructed the angel with my thoughts language in my mind to write the name out for me. Then I could see it on my mind screen in my third eye vision. In cursive it wrote Sila. I have since found the name in a book with historical angel names.

As I went through the four years of training at Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I tasted, smelled, felt, saw, and heard words energetically through the higher vibrations of my senses. I saw angels of all sizes. Some filled the room, some were small like the cherubs in the Raphael paintings. Others were of many   varying sizes.  In the closing ceremony of the first week of school, we were in the auditorium for meditation.  Barbara Brennan was on the stage in front of the nine hundred students. On my mind screen I could see a very large angel came down over her body.  I was astonished, but I kept my eyes closed. Examining what I was seeing on my mind screen with an attentive focus, I saw the angel was dressed in a flowing gown. It had no visible face or feet.  It did have a halo which I found intriguing  as in so many pictures and pageants the angels have halos. All of the angels I  have seen have wings. The wings of this large one were covered with white feathers. I stayed focused on the wings as long as I could to confirm what I was seeing.  I was completely amazed and stunned! I opened my eyes, curious about the other students, but they were all sitting in meditation with their eyes closed.  Barbara Brennan was on the stage waving her arms like a bird and the large angel’s wings were moving in synchronicity.  

I have seen other beings that are similar to angels but they have no wings.  I experience these being as guides with earthly skills and talents such as setting up my business or doing spiritual surgery in my practice.   My understanding is that these guides have had incarnation, as humans and learned these skills which they are very happy to share with us as we explore new pursuits.


During one of the first exercises at school of laying my hand on my study partner’s leg, I could hear the sound of dry skin crackling and feel the heat from her bones as they processed new blood.  In my home practice, I saw a favorite flower of my client’s mother as an endearing sign of her presence at the healing and in her life.   For another client, I saw a pearl necklace of a loved one that had died.  Once I was working with the sister of a woman who had died, and was told that the silver heart object on her dresser was to go to my client as a keepsake.  Through other senses, I have smelled the cigar of someone’s deceased  grandfather and have tasted metal of mercury toxicity permeating my mouth.


he very unpleasant times of receiving guidance were when I was working with the fourth level of the energy field, or the astral plane. The past life death experiences are found there, which we were taught at school to remove and then do a healing of the energy. For example, we removed the emotional pain as well as the object such as a dagger in the shoulder from a battle. There were also drownings, suffocations, burnings, hangings and poisonings.


The most important reason for me to have these skills is to help people know that we humans are more than just our physical bodies. We are energetic spiritual beings who are part of the One Divine Universal Source that is in all things, is the powerful force for good, and encompasses all knowledge that ever has been or will be discovered.

I have been told by my guides that as we humans bring our energy up, the guides bring their energy down so we can see and hear them give us guidance. Therefore, another desire of mine is to share this information with others, so individuals can bring their vibration up to receive clearer guidance. This raising of energy vibration will contribute to the evolution of all humans beings everywhere.


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