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Phoning It In: Hypnosis In The Age Of COVID-19

As of today, much of the world in under some form of stay at home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. India just announced that they will be ordering over 1 billion citizens to shelter in place for another three weeks. In my home state of Washington, our lock down has already been extended once with no guarantee that it will be lifted by the proposed date of May 3rd. No matter what, all schools in the state are closed until the end of the school year.

As a result, many of us are relying more and more on Web-based communications to live our lives. Tens of thousands of tech workers are now working from home. School classes are being held online. AA meetings and other groups are using Zoom to continue to provide support to their members. And therapists and their clients are discovering that therapy can be just as effective as in-person sessions on their laptops and smartphones. What about hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Is it possible to get good results from these therapies using the Internet? The simple answer? Yes! Hypnosis, just like talk therapy, does not require that the therapist and client be in the same physical space. The hypnotic trance state is induced through spoken words. As long as the hypnotherapist is skillful, and the connection is relatively clear, it doesn't really matter if the session is conducted in-person or online. Otherwise, the keys to a successful session remain the same:

  • Trust Trust is a two way street. As the client you trust your therapist to have your best interests in mind. You also trust in her abilities and expertise. The hypnotherapist must also trust in the healing capacities of the client and the effectiveness of the therapeutic process itself.

  • Willingness The more you are willing to actively participate in the therapy and take responsibility for your healing and growth, the better your chances that you will be successful in achieving your therapeutic goals.

  • Playfulness Therapy doesn't always have to be serious business. When we bring a spirit of playfulness, awe, and wonder to the healing process, we are able to more easily relax and let go of the limitations we've been gripping onto.

  • Following Instructions This is not about following orders or "doing what you're told". With willingness and playfulness, we allow ourselves to be open to the suggestions our hypnotherapist gives us. When she says, "Now close your eyes and begin to relax," we do it because we understand that the instruction is always aimed at our, and all beings', highest benefit.

As you can probably tell, none of the above points require a physical, in-person connection. As the client you don't even need a video connection (your eyes will be closed for most of the session anyway). All you need is the desire to continue to help yourself in all the compassionate ways available to you. So call your hypnotherapist today. Make that appointment. Find a cozy couch or your favorite chair. Put up your feet and put in those earbuds as just the sound of my voice helps you to go even deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation, peace, and ease...

Chris Lemig, CHT, True Nature Hypnotherapy


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