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The Clean Water Foundation Brings Hope to the Hopi Children all over the World.

The Clean Water Foundation was founded by Leon McLaughlin, a Seattle shoeshine operator who was convinced one person can make a difference in a child’s life.

It all started when Leon McLaughlin was traveling through Mexico and met a woman who told him about a previous American visitor. The visitor had drained her bathtub of standing water, thinking he was doing her a favor. Instead, the woman cried. It turned out that was her water supply for a month. Gone down the drain.

The incident brought home to McLaughlin how vital safe, clean water is to people's lives - and how easily it is to take it for granted. But McLaughlin wasn't going to take it for granted.

McLaughlin saw a compelling global need for safe, clean water. He started researching the issue, finally signing up for online courses from Sacramento State University in California to get a degree in water management, while running a shoeshine stand in a Seattle office tower by day.  By night, he founded the Clean Water Foundation and began the task of bringing clean water to the world through strategic partnerships with organizations like World Vision and Peace Corps, as well as corporations and academia. Leon’s designs for portable water filtration systems are now bringing clean water to millions of children in need every day, as well as their families and entire communities.

More than 2 million people die each year, and 50% of the hospital beds around the globe are taken by people with water-borne illnesses. This needless epidemic keeps entire communities impoverished while billions of people are estimated in need of clean drinking water.

Especially hard hit is the Hopi Tribe here in the US. Tribal leaders estimate that about three-quarters of the 7,000 people living on the Hopi land are drinking arsenic-tainted waters. With Arsenic levels twice the EPA limit, their drinking water is making them sick.

Vernon Masayesva and his wife.

After studying the environmental conditions, the EPA estimated it would cost over 20 million dollars to provide safe drinking water to the Hopi. No financial assistance was included in the EPA’s plan, so the Hopi were forced to file a lawsuit to exercise their right to clean drinking water on the reservation. Unfortunately, the lawsuit was quickly overturned. This ruling left little hope for the Hopi to improve their un-safe drinking water conditions.

Fortunately, as soon as Leon heard about the arsenic in the Hopi’s water, he immediately knew he could help. After a brief assessment, Leon was able to determine he could provide safe drinking water to the entire tribe with his portable filtration systems for only $30,000 TOTAL. This would provide the Hopi with clean water for at least 30 years. The Clean Water Foundation intends to start undertaking pilot projects with the Hopi Nation at Walpi, Sichomovi, Tewa, Mishongnovi, Sipaulovi, and Shungopavy villages.

The Natural Choice Network, along with the Emoto Peace Project and Out of this World Radio with Ted Mahr, have pledged to help fundraise the $30,000 needed to fund the project for the Hopi, along with others in need around the world.  The Hopi deserve the right to free and clean drinking water and together we can help bring it to them.

Even a small donation to the Clean Water Foundation can help bring safe drinking water to the Hopi, and hope for a better future.

The Emoto Peace Project will be donating The Message from Water children’s books to the Hopi Tribe, as well as to the other communities the Clean Water Foundation is providing safe water.

The Message from Water illustrates Dr. Emoto's groundbreaking findings that thoughts, words, and prayers affect the vibration of water.  Dr. Emoto discovered this by exposing water in its liquid state to different words and prayers.  Then, the water was frozen and pictures were taken of the crystal formations. Beautiful crystals formed when thoughts and words of love, appreciation, and gratitude were directed towards the water.

When water was subjected to negative words and thoughts, only ugly blobs formed.

The Emoto Peace Project in conjunction with NCN has already coordinated the donation of a countertop filtration unit in memory of Dr. Emoto for the Hopi Tribe. It was presented to Vernon Masayesva, Director/Founder Black Mesa Trust, who was also a close friend and associate of Dr. Emoto.

“There is so much gratitude, love and appreciation felt when we bring safe clean drinking water to those in need… WOW! What a powerful and beautiful combination! Giving the children’s books with the water filters will show the children how their water can be supercharged with love and gratitude. And how they can supercharge each other. What a fantastic gift to add to the gift of water.”  Leon McLaughlin

Another countertop unit was presented in memory of Jose Arguelles, to a school in Coastal Ecuador. Jose was known for his role in the origination of Earth Day and the emergence of the conservation movement. He was also the Founder of the Law of Time, which is how Jose and Dr. Emoto came to know each other’s work, developing a close friendship. Both Dr. Emoto and Jose understood the energetic qualities of water and how the nature of time allows water to have memory. Michiko Hayashi, Ambassador, and Director of the Emoto Peace Project and Stephanie South, Director of the Foundation for the Law of Time, continue to carry on the legacy of these two great visionaries. Michiko and Stephanie are delighted the words Love and Thank You were included on these dedications.

“What a beautiful remembrance and lasting memory for Dr. Emoto and Jose Arguelles' shared vision. That Love and Gratitude will create a future of Peace and Harmony for the World.”

Michiko Hayashi

Water Filters - funds raised by Joshua Essner

Joshua Essner (noted on the decals) is a 12-year-old boy who held a bake sale in Seattle, which raised the money for the donations dedicated to Dr. Emoto and Jose Arguelles.  Another shining example of how one person can truly make a difference. Since each unit provides a gallon of safe drinking water a minute, Joshua’s generous gesture is now supplying thousands of gallons of clean water a day, to children and families less fortunate than his own. NCN has also committed to providing replacement filters for both these units year-to-year for the next 10 years or more, which could add up to billions.

Multiply that with the donations of many more, and Leon’s vision of every child having access to drinking water will soon become a reality.

Clean water should be a human right, not a privilege. And “we the people” can make that happen.

Give the gift of water. To make a donation, or for ideas on how to hold your own fundraiser, go to


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