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Vasanas: The Gifts that Show Us the Way


It is not our job to find God, but to find those things that obscure God.  This reminds me that God has always been within. However, my drama, trauma, and karma has covered up the Great Reality.  Unfinished business, negative thoughts, words, and behavior, along with karma, deeply buried the love inside for me.  My wake-up call brought a discovery that has led me to understand the dynamics of energy in our lives.

Alcohol and prescription drugs from the doctor masked my awareness and feelings, which were slowly killing me.  I knew I was dying.  I was in a battering and abusive marriage of rape. Earlier, I had tried suicide to escape my pain and wretchedness. When the trauma became so excruciating and terrifying, I had a crisis to get my attention. Twenty-six years ago, my husband tried to kill me, again. I prayed for help.

Doors opened to find the appropriate help to heal my many co-dependencies, other addictions, and health issues. Over time, I discovered my family background was domestic violence, alcoholism, sex addiction, and mental illness. This meant that I attracted my family to show me what to heal in me. They were my mirrors of what needed healing in my soul. I married my husband because it felt familiar.  With healthy tools, I was able to heal my vasanas that had continued my domestic violence, co-dependencies, numerous addictions, incest, Bipolar Disorder, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more.


Not wanting to look at all my characteristics - the good and the bad - precluded my acceptance of the whole me. I had to love myself for all my flaws as well as the good parts of me. Gradually, I understood that the ego does not want us to undo the darkness and find the light. My denial was that I was lying to myself and blaming others for my own faults. This projected out as if others were hurting me. If I did not accept all my personality traits, it would stop my journey to become whole. My vasanas became my gift.

I saw the problem as the ego stopping my alignment with God.  I was conditioned in my family, society, church, and intuitions to react from fear produced from the ego.  I was always edging God out of my life by automatically reacting like a victim.  It was time to come from cause, instead of effect.  It was time to claim my inheritance as a child of God and grow up.  I no longer wanted to give away my power.  I vowed not to volunteer to be a victim again.

I began praying for God to guide my thoughts, words, and behavior.  This was the only way I could send out love instead of the fearful thinking, communication, and actions that returned like a boomerang.  Because I found that my emotional growth had stopped at the age of  three, when I witnessed my father beat my mother and thought I was next, I had to ask everyday for God to help me in all my activities so I could have courage to take risks and grow.  Then, I realized that if I asked the Holy Spirit to be in charge of my next 24 hours, I would be "whole" for that time and could practice being grown up.  With this new awareness, I could trust God, clean out the vasanas, and help others.


Releasing the negativity on a conscious level was not very effective. I found that I had to go into meditation to "let go and let God."  I needed to replace the void left by the vasana with His love and grace while in the meditative state of ‘Now". It's an inside job.  This created a new stable foundation of love at a subconscious level instead of the fearful basis in sand.

Hypnotherapy & Past-Life Therapy

This restored my true being when releasing every new identified vasana.  Now, I understood that going to the root cause of the trauma or crisis allowed healing from its origin and God's love could manifest in my life more consistently.  I found that regressions with hypnosis and past-life therapy could identify causes beyond my conscious sight for issues or vasanas that need to be restored to God's grace and light. The tail did not need to wag the dog.

My guides and masters put me in classes to learn hypnotism and past life therapy.  During the trainings, numerous past lives explained the spiritual journey of my soul's development into my current life.  Light workers are here cleaning up the last obstacles that vasanas present to their oneness with God. You are uniquely important to bringing in the New Age.  The more light we allow to shine inside ourselves, the more healing light for the planet to benefit as it rises into ascension.  You are the microcosm and the earth is the macrocosm of your spiritual expansion of healthy, light-filled energy.

Aura & Chakra Clearing

With more understanding that the chakras are the interface of energy from the Source to my physical body, I needed to clear any blockages from negative thinking, words, or actions that did not allow my chakras to function properly. This directly affects health as well as emotions.

Through Therapeutic Hypnosis, all cord attachments to friends, family, and associates need removing, so there is only a union with God.  This also allows for wholeness.  In addition, releasing those passed over obscures the clarity of my soul to emerge completely into the white light of the Christ-consciousness.

We often overlook releasing all negative, dense spirits attached to the soul.  Dark entities without bodies can attach to you when your aura is open. These often cause health and mental issues.  Purging is a process of less and less of "self" and more and more of God.

Flower Remedies

Affirmations support this process by telling ourselves the truth of who we are.  Praying and meditating throughout the day, replaces our old beliefs, ideas and fear based energy for higher energy.  Using Flower Essences for at least fifteen years has moved mountains of energy in support of elevating loving vibrations.  They are pure energy and negative energy cannot sustain itself in a higher vibration.  Rescue Remedy is especially helpful to stay calm through all this rearranging of our comfort zones.  God is spirit expanding. All these methods to support that expansion are useful.


Forgiveness is the bridge from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension.  That is how we release the past of duality and judgment to live in the presence of God's grace.   Appreciating that these people, places and issues provided the means to see ourselves and the necessary parts of our soul that needed restoring to wholeness by the love of the Creator is essential.  When we send out love and forgiveness, it returns to heal that part in our soul.  The reflection of our splintered soul can be painful at times, but the reflection can shift to reflect love from those around us.  This can occur on deeper levels later.

Sending forgiveness and love to my sister has taken time to manifest.  I knew I turned the tide on our relationship, ultimately with my relationship with God, when I received a letter recently that she too wanted to start over, from a clean slate.  I become a channel of God's love.  We love them until they can love themselves.

Edgar Cayce says that we will go through every vibration to return to our Creator.  Every failing needs to be loved, forgiven, and restored to its healthy form. We become cause in our lives.  We are the prodigal son who has returned. We have become "Master of Our Emotions".  We move into oneness with Christ-consciousness.

Before this incarnation, I wanted to come and help others, as I knew how to help them.  However, God told me, You cannot help them unless you also experience what they experience.   We will be on a different level of communication without going through similar problems.  The connection comes from having walked the same walk.  When we walk through similar difficulties, we can then talk on their level of experience. People will listen when they can relate to our experience and our healing is evident.  They will have hope because we have been there.

I just did not know the path would be like mirrors in the fun house.   I know today, "Like attracts like". 

This article was previously posted at The 2012 Scenario.

Marilyn Redmond is an inspirational speaker and conducts seminars for groups. She is a counselor and international consultant.  Marilyn's teaches in college, wellness centers, adult education, and for spiritual/metaphysical groups.  Further, she produced and hosted the radio show, "Solutions with Marilyn". In addition, Marilyn is an award-winning international writer, and columnist.  She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and The International Board of Regression Therapy. Her book, "Roses Have Thorns," is available at: or on  Marilyn is completing her second book, "Secrets to Life and Living: Let the Real You Out".


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