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Abintra Wellness Center

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Abintra Wellness Center

Abintra Wellness Center was founded in 1982. The word ABINTRA means "emanating from within". We believe that wellness comes from within. Inside each one of us, there is an intelligence, a wellspring of energy and vitality, of wellness and joy that, when tapped, can lead to more abundant health and happiness. The focus of our practice is to help you tap into this inner intelligence in order to achieve balance in life physically, mentally and spiritually.


Abintra Wellness Center offers Hypnotherapy and Massage, Trager®, and occasional classes. Massage allows us to reconnect and gently integrate oneself. Founders Jerome Chroman, LMP, CTP, CHT and Corinne Kelly, LMP have extensive experience in massage and related therapies, including


-Trager® approach

-Swedish massage

-Deep tissue massage

-Trigger point therapy

-Myofascial release

-Passive & active positional releasing

-Pregnancy massage

-Lymphatic drainage



-Touch for health



-Qi gong

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Contact Information

Abintra Wellness Center
7114 5th Ave NE, Ste #1,
Seattle, WA 98115 (Greenlake)

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