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Life is water, so when we take action to help purify our waters, we are also purifying ourselves. When water is polluted, so are those who polluted it. When water is gone – so are we.


When we bring Love and Joy into how we treat water, and how we treat each other…. it also creates a clear and clean reflection of ourselves.


Follow me as I discover and re-kindle my sacred connection not only with the Hopi, but many of my other indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. I’ve recently heard how many of them are suffering, because their sacred waters which once ran clear and abundant, are now polluted or gone.


Follow me as I connect with my Indigenous brothers and sisters, so we can share our connected and collective wisdom with the rest of the world – which is how to respect and live in harmony with the Earth, her precious resources, and each other.


Please listen and pay attention as our voices grow stronger and louder together, so we can ALL find our way back to the “Right Path” - together.


Love you!


“Loco” Lodoe

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