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Antique Sandwich Company

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Antique Sandwich Company

The Antique Sandwich Co. is a meeting place for people who love good food, music, and pie. It was started as a family business in 1973 by sisters-in-law Tamie and Shirley Herridge and their mother Arlene. Dick Meyer joined them shortly thereafter. The Antique continues 40 years later, serving wholesome breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees, and desserts.

The kitchen hums from dawn til dusk making homemade soups, salad dressings, granola, pies and cakes, cinnamon rolls, lasagnas, quiche, corned beef, roasted turkey and so much more. All the baked goods are made with local honey and organic whole wheat flour. On a warm, sunny day you can enjoy a meal or a milkshake with friends outside in the Garden of Eatin'

The Antique also carries items from Dick Meyer's Fair Trade shop, Traditions, which is based in Olympia and hosts regular concerts and events.

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Antique Sandwich Company
5102 N Pearl St, Tacoma

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