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Bastyr Center of Natural Health

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Bastyr Center of Natural Health

We treat the whole you.

Attentive care that considers every aspect of your health – mind, body and spirit. We look to treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Bastyr Center for Natural Health, is the Northwest's largest natural health clinic, specializes in disease prevention and holistic treatment of chronic and acute health issues. As a leading authority in natural medicine, we offer a full range of health services for your entire family, including primary health care. You'll find many natural health care services such as:

  • Naturopathic Medicine

  • Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Short-term Psychological Counseling

  • Ayurvedic Medicine

Most insurance plans accepted.

See for yourself: Bastyr Center for Natural Health

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Contact Information

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
3670 Stone Way N., Seattle, WA, 98103
(206) 834-4100

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