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BodyLife Imaging


Medical Thermography… serving the greater Seattle area & Western Washington

Radiation-free technology for the earliest detection of breast cancer.

Thermal scans may detect some cancers forming years before other screening procedures.

Thermal imaging employs infrared technology that can detect breast disease in its early stages.  This gives time. Time to be proactive and preventative.

  • 100% Safe
  • Radiation-Free
  • No Body Contact
  • FDA-Approved
  • Affordable

Medical thermography is an effective tool in the assessment & monitoring of:

Pain Syndromes * Diabetes * Sport Injuries * Stroke Risk * Headaches * Arthritis * Thyroid

Dental Implications * Spinal Misalignment * Vascular & Nervous System Disorders * And more!

We offer a variety of thermal imaging packages including:

  • Breast Thermography
  • Upper Body, Lower Body & Full Body
  • Dental/Cranial/Thyroid Series
  • Target Areas

BodyLife Imaging uses only the most advanced medical thermography technology available today.

Taken in the highly sought-after greyscale imaging to provide the most information possible, the images are then studied by Board Certified Breast Thermologists…. Experts in the field.

At BodyLife Imaging, our mission is simple & clear:

To provide excellence and care in thermal imaging.

Come learn about the life-saving technology of thermography.

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BodyLife Imaging
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