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Bowenwork is a gentle neuromuscular therapy that evokes deep relaxation and renews the body's capacity for self healing; enabling the body to naturally correct imbalances and conditions that cause the body to function improperly.


Lasting Relief for Multiple Symptoms!

Sports injuries • Musculoskeletal problems • Migraines & headaches • Joint discomfort / mobility  • Stress related syndromes • Soft tissue injury • Fibromyalgia • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Sciatica • Neck restrictions • Knee problems • Tennis elbow • Repetitive strain injuries • Carpal tunnel • Posture • Frozen shoulders • Back pain • Circulation • Lymphatic & venous draining • Asthma • Sinus / hay fever

Call a Licensed, Professional Bowenwork Practitioner:


Nupur Tenne, MS OTR/L CBP
425.818.5007 |

Bothell, Kirkland

Cathy Kruse, LMT(MA00020251) PBP
206.498.4790 |


Susan Kingsbury, LMT(MA00024631) RBI instructor
206.300.6877 |


Wendy Vogt, CHT LMT(MA60055793) PBP
206.280.2165 |


Debbie Sergent, LMT(MA00012789) PBP
360.705.9758 |


Michelle C. Basey, LMT(MA00020561) PBP
206.356.3355 |


Kelly Clancy, OTR/L CHT SMS RBI instructor
206.706.0063 |


Elisabeth Fleming-Prot, LMT(MA00019390) PBP
206.789.8567 |


Carl Radeck, LMP(MA60373968) PBP
253.473.7615 |

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