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We provide water purification solutions for residential, commercial, workplace and self-serve systems. Ask your questions and get help in finding the right solution for your needs.

Residential: Point of Use filtration (filtering water just before it is used) is an efficient and cost-effective method to remove contaminants with a smaller filter.

Commercial: Many industries have specific water quality requirements. We've helped breweries, distilleries, grocery stores, window washers, aquarium maintenance companies and manufacturers.


Workplace: Office filter systems, bring delicious tasting, affordable water to your workplace, all without the hassle of storing and lifting heavy bottles.


17 locations where you can fill your own bottles. Water bottles, crocks and caps available. Products & services include:

• Drinking water filters

• Shower filters

• Self serve bottled water

• Bottleless water coolers

• Deionization specialists

• Water analysis

• Installation and service Locally owned and operated since 1980

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Custom Pure
1514 NE 179th St
Seattle, WA 98155

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