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Dr. Jodi Berg, ND, LAC, MS, LMP

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Dr. Jodi Berg, ND, LAC, MS, LMP

Dr. Jodi Berg, Treating the Whole Person, Psychic Healing and Counseling Life is a journey, are you on the right path for YOU? Free yourself with loving and compassionate guardian. Move forward and uncage yourself from past abuse, negativity, obstacles, self doubt, and fear in this lifetime and past lives.

Life is too precious to waste time. All sessions are individualized and effective.

• Individual counseling

• Couples & family counseling

• Hands on healing

• Acupuncture

• Soul regression

• Channeling

• Clairvoyance

• Psychic

• Past life regression

By infusing joy and direction into your life you are inviting a celebration of love and light into your heart.

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Contact Information

Dr. Jodi Berg, ND, LAC, MS, LMP
3903 Colby Ave
Everett, WA, 98201

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