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Harmony Hill Healing Retreats

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Harmony Hill Healing Retreats

Our mission at Harmony Hill is ‘to transform the lives of those affected by cancer and to inspire healthy living for all’. The heart of our mission is to support people affected by cancer, their families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with hope, healing, and positive change to live each day to the fullest. A large and generous community of supporters funds our programs to ensure that our cancer retreats are offered at no cost to all. Even companions attend free of cost!

Harmony Hill Cancer retreats provide support to enhance, not replace, conventional medical treatment. We believe that people living with a diagnosis should have access to practical tools for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Retreats, workshops, webinars, and special events can provide ongoing support to individuals impacted by cancer. In addition to our general retreats open to all adults, we offer wellness retreats, workshops and provider care opportunities for health professionals.

Our Healing Circles program provides off-site workshops in many communities throughout the Greater Puget Sound.

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Contact Information

Harmony Hill Healing Retreats
7362 E State Route 106
Union, WA 98592

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