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Holy Lamb Organics

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Holy Lamb Organics

We are a local manufacturer dedicated to creating exceptional natural bedding products, such as organic bedding, baby and bath products. We specialize in using premium eco-wool and organic cotton fabric to create an incredibly comfy and healthy place to rest your head.

Our bedding line is featured in over 80 stores across the US and Canada. We use sustainable practices and permaculture principles in every step of production.

We are proud to be a zero waste company, reusing and recycling all our production by-products.

We offer a line of organic bedding for your complete natural bedroom. No dyes. No chemicals. No synthetic fill. No counting sheep.

• Organic Mattresses

• Wool Comforters

• Bed and Body Pillows

• Wool Mattress Toppers

• Cozy Buns Organic Baby

• Organic Sheets and Towels

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Contact Information

Holy Lamb Organics
Oakville, WA
(888) 359-1362

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