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Kim Lincoln

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Kim Lincoln

Embodying Wholeness ~ Living Authentically Within each one of us burns a brightly shining light. Self-actualization inspires us with the subtle and luminous love of our essential self. In turn, this unconditional love and source of being reveals the power of limitless opportunities welcoming us to be all we can be.

Learn how to tap your potential and set yourself free. Spiritual midwife Kim Lincoln has worked worldwide for nearly 30 years assisting others to integrate their mind, body, and soul.

Call about upcoming Workshops and go to her website to join the newsletter. Holy Here Wholy You, Discovering Your Authentic Self.

In her new book Kim offers self-help tools for personal growth, demonstrating how she healed from the shattering effects of trauma. Along the way she gathers the reader into present time reality, catalyzing the inner 'knowing' of who we essentially are.

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Kim Lincoln
Olympia, WA

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