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Mary Saint-Marie

Message from
Mary Saint-Marie


Mary Saint-Marie 

Mystic Artist, Writer, Spiritual Educator 

The Way of the Within / Oneness


Art of the Soul, Spiritual Books, Soul Sessions and Retreats, The Holy Sight workshops

Please inquire about Mystic Art exhibits, books (on Amazon) and Soul Sessions.


Listing of over 350 documentary films on earth care that expose, educate and inspire! 


Action Borne of Vision

Spiritual Retreats in Mount Shasta (custom retreats offered)


A Call: A Call to humanity to be in the Oneness with Earth, Sky and everyone, 

everything and everyplace at least once a day for 5 minutes.

                ‘I Am the Only Presence Here.

                                 I Am the Only Presence Everywhere'

                                                               Mary Saint-Marie


Overview of Mary’s Soul Work: Meditation on Oneness 


Mary had a near-death experience in 1971. She was uplifted into a realm of the real 

that was pure Presence. She saw her lives, past, present and future through the eyes 

of her Soul Joy. She saw and realized all as Illumination and Perfection. Her life changed. 


She never looked back.


Mary works with ones from around the nation and world, both in person and on phone.


*Mary has inspired and educated, via Mystic Art  (44 years)  and Soul Sessions (33 years),

ones into Christ Consciousness, Inner Presence, I Am Awareness, and Oneness

Experience and Consciousness. Meditation…going within…is the Key!


*Mary has helped others to find the Inner Teacher (by whatever name), that they

may Feel It, Experience It, Claim It and Realize It as their very lives. 


*Mary has inspired and catalyzed people to realize their Spiritual Identity as the Christ.

Light/Illumination and to drop the mistaken identities, fears, beliefs and barriers.


*Mary inspires ones to allow Holy Sight, that they have Holy Relationships with Everyone,

Everything and Everyplace. Communion.


*Mary inspires ones to realize Life AS Living Ceremony and Life as Living Revelation.



*animation meditation: by Mary Saint-Marie, Holy Sight for the Earth and for the Sky

  that the Realm of the Real may be seen and opened to and acted upon...


* 2 minute video clip on Earth Care, by Mary Saint-Marie,  Invitation to a profound

   unification of earth care through the people's network

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Mary Saint-Marie

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