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Nancy E. Allin, Cht, CC

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Nancy E. Allin, Cht, CC

Hypnosis Works! Break free and Thrive!

Are you hoping and wishing to shift an area in your life? Is it time to make a positive change?

Hypnosis, combined with counseling and coaching, is a powerful natural tool to ease life changes. You can navigate through life's challenges and obstacles with greater confidence and calmness! Each person's needs are unique. Together we can tailor what approach and modalities will work best to support you in creating the results you are looking for.

Modalities used include hypnotherapy, mind/body counseling, regression, eye movement therapy, and NLP.

Help is available for: career & life changes, stress management, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, stop smoking, weight loss, health challenges, and more. Specialized services are also available for fertility, pregnancy, and birth.

Contact me now to schedule a free initial consultation, and explore if this approach could work for you. Your best life awaits!

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Contact Information

Nancy E. Allin, CHt, CC
Bellevue, WA
(425) 827-9498

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