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O'Malley & Potter

I am Claudia O'Malley. For years, I have been a "victim" of fibromyalgia. I finally found my way to alternative healing for chronic pain control. Through my study of essential oils and aromatherapy, I found that "true aromatherapy" is really about therapy. I began to formulate my own blends of essential oils for pain relief. This was the foundation of the Feel-Good Products. These products have provided the means for me, and others, to feel good nearly all the time.


"Feel-Good" Products (TM)


Your one-stop shop for pain relief, healthy body care, and energy healing tools - Crystals, minerals and gemstone jewelry


  • Non-petroleum candles

  • Aromatherapy supplies

  • All-natural soaps and bath fizzies

  • Antioxidant teas

  • Smudging materials

  • Massage therapy products

  • Classes, workshops and more


 Our product line is still growing. Visit our website for details.

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Contact Information

1234 1st Street Suite#3 Snohomish, WA 98201

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