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Pacific Yurts

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Pacific Yurts

The Pacific Yurt is a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used by Central Asian nomads. Though generally considered as tents, they are much stronger and weather-tight. Each consists of a durable fabric cover, tension band, a wood frame that includes a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and a framed door.


Yurts have a wide range of applications, from simple cabins to fully furnished structures complete with plumbing and electricity. They have minimal impact on the surrounding soils. At Home In Nature The Pacific Yurts' unique, low impact, easy to install structures providing year round comfort. From seaside getaways to mountain retreats, the Pacific Yurt goes where you want to be.


Examples of personal use include:

• Vacation home or cabin

• Temporary housing

• Guest lodging

• Studio or office

• Spa enclosure

• Meditation and fitness room


Pacific Yurts is the world's leading manufacturer of yurts. No one knows yurts like Pacific Yurts.

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Contact Information

Pacific Yurts
77456 Hwy 99 South
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
(800) 944-0240

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