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Saving Me First

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Saving Me First

A graphic novel based on a true story. Connee is courageous and fiercely independent. In her thirties, despite its apparent trappings of success, she knows that her life is empty and aimless.


But as long as she can live on her own terms, she's okay with that. Everything changes, however, when a debilitating illness leaves Connee with a broken mind and body. In the midst of her agonizing loss of health and independence, Connee feels something stir deep within her—a profound desire to know her True Self.


With her whole being, Connee prays to the Universe: "I will go wherever you lead me, and let the journey's end be liberation." Following only her inner compass, Connee's path towards wisdom and enlightenment takes her into the hidden world of Zen and the wild mountains of South Korea.

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