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Seattle Natural Mattress

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Seattle Natural Mattress
  • 100% Natural Latex

  • Organic Cotton

  • Chemical Free


Seattle Natural Mattress is a family-owned and operated business. We exclusively manufacture natural, chemical-free latex mattresses. Our mattress covers are made from natural and/or organic cotton. All our mattresses are made to fit your unique body type, resulting in a good night's rest.


The Rest of your Days Depends on the REST of your Nights! "Locally crafted, these beds give full body comfort and support. No springs, chemicals or off-gassing, just sustainable, breathable latex. Naturally cool, hypo-allergenic and dust mite free. Earth's best mattress at Seattle's best price." Tim Ley

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Contact Information

Seattle Natural Mattress
4033 Aurora Ave North
Seattle, WA 98103

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