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Piano Play Therapy

Piano is a great outlet to help you connect with your feelings more immediately than words. Sometimes we don't know how we feel until we are heard. Music helps us carry even most intolerable feelings. Through playing the piano, you give your feelings a safe place to be expressed, heard, and integrated. It's a process through which you learn to appreciate your inner world with more wholeness and authenticity without being concerned about right or wrong.

Piano Play Therapy is for those who never played the piano but always wanted to--

• No previous piano playing necessary
• Safe, warm environment
• Right-brain approach (no note reading/scales/theories)
• Immediately accessible to actual playing
• Don't need to own a piano (though it helps if you do)

Piano Play Therapy is also for those who have played the piano before but didn't continue, or for those who play the piano now but are looking for something new--

• Healing from performance anxiety
• Actual enjoyment rather than stressful high expectations
• Intuitive playing, undoing the paralysis of "shoulds"
• Based upon the ability of where you are today

Akiko Kinney, MA, MM, LMHC

Akiko holds a Masters degree in both Piano Performance and Counseling Psychology. She has taught piano for 30 years with an approach infused with Waldorf Education concepts, custom-made for each student's needs and desires. She was a Project Guide to the Pattern Play Series (Create Your Own Music) and gave workshops on creativity at the piano throughout the States from 2005 to 2010. She is also a licensed mental health counselor with Jungian Analytic Psychology theoretical orientation. She works with individuals from various backgrounds through their Individuation processes. Her therapeutic intervention includes dream analysis and understanding Archetypes.

Akiko Kinney MA MM LMHC

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