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The Birthing Inn

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The Birthing Inn

The Birthing Inn ... Where Families Are Born


The Birthing Inn is the Puget Sound's premiere free standing birth center. Since opening our doors in 1999, The Birthing Inn has welcomed over 2,000 beautiful new babies into warm, cozy, and peaceful surroundings.

The Birthing Inn can support you.

Bed and breakfast atmosphere featuring queen beds, large soaking tubs and the option of a water birth.


  • Licensed by The State of Washington

  • 24 hour physician availability

  • Childbirth, breast feeding, newborn and postpartum classes

  • Birth Doula workshops

  • CABC National Accreditation

Call and arrange a tour today!The Birthing Inn - where families are born!

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Contact Information

The Birthing Inn
6002 Westgate Blvd. Suite 120
Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 761-8939

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