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The Herbalist

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The Herbalist

The Herbalist is the Northwest herb specialist. The company was founded based on the belief that organically grown and wild-harvested herbs of the highest quality would have a positive effect on people's health.


We offer over 300+ natural remedies. Many of the ingredients come from local certified organic farms and sustainable and ethical wild-harvesters. To make it easy for you, we use the color system of healing to classify our products so that you can understand with a glance what part of the body the product has an affinity for. Manufacturing Herbal Medicines Since 1984.

Offerings Include:

• Herbal extracts

• Organic bulk herbs

• Supplements

• Flower essences

• Essential Oils

• Organic smoothie and refreshment bar


The Herbalist was founded by Tierney Salter, the author of Flourish: The Go-To Guide for Herbal Medicine.

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Contact Information

The Herbalist
Ravenna: 2106 NE 65th St, Seattle WA
Capitol Hill: 542 19th Ave E, Seattle WA
Ravenna: 206-523-2600
Capitol Hill: 206-323-2804

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