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Zenith Supplies

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Zenith Supplies

Oils and massage supplies have been our business for more than 30 years. We carry only the finest oils, lotions, and creams at wholesale prices - 100 pure, steam-distilled essential oils; over 100 fragrance oils; brand name oils; and bulk oils.

Essential and fragrance oils are packaged in eight different sizes, and in quantities convenient for massage, aromatherapy, and body care. Ask us about bulk herbs and resins, exotic oils, and carrier oils.

For the candle and soap maker, we offer a great selection of essential and fragrance oils, supplies, bottles, jars, dispensers, and accessories for making soap and candles — all at great prices!

Our store features a wide variety of massage tables and chairs, table accessories & linens, hot & cold therapy supplies, massage tools, and supplies for yoga & meditation. We're excited to list them here, though it's always best to call and inquire about current pricing. We also carry a variety of gifts, incenses, books, gemstones, pre-made soaps and more - many of which are unique, making displaying them on our website a challenge!

Feel free to call for information.

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Contact Information

Zenith Supplies
6300 Roosevelt Way NE.
Seattle, WA

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