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When you become an advertising partner, you also become a member of a vast like-minded network of businesses and organizations that support the community and each other. The larger this network grows, the more conscious and sustainable our community grows. If your business is an asset to the community, we want to help you spread that message. 

Natural Choice Network offers multiple ways for you to introduce your service and communicate your message to an audience that is already interested in conscious and sustainable living.

On Print

The Natural Choice Print Directory has been a trusted resource for conscious living in Puget Sound since 1994. Starting in 2019, we will significantly reduce the size to maximize circulation and reduce our carbon footprint with the debut of “The Natural Choice Network’s Web Companion” (see mock up here). The handy “ROAD MAP” format with quick reference Ads and Listings will make it easy to connect a conscious community to local resources for Green Living, Natural Health, Natural Food/Supplements and Mind/Spirit. It also connects you to the expanded NaturalChoice.Net platform, with over 250 searchable categories of resources. 
Annual Distribution - 100,000 copies (250,000 readership)
1,300 locations from Olympia to Bellingham
 including natural food & supplement stores, restaurants & cafes, holistic healthcare offices, spas, gyms, gift stores, bookstores, libraries, and community centers.

OnLine SEARCH over 250 categories of resources in our on-line directory. Deepen your search by clicking on display Ads, to link to advertiser’s “personal message” page with additional information about their business and services. The perfect place to share your vision and message with an audience already interested in conscious and sustainable living. 
You will also find local Events, informative articles, glossaries, guides, and over 200 NCN Radio archives and glossaries to educate, up-lift and motivate our readers to make better choices for themselves, their families and our communities. Over 60,000 Pageviews per Month.

On Air

Natural Choice Network Radio, airing every Tuesday at 12:30pm on Alternative Talk 1150 AM. Host Martha Childress and Co-host Darielle Archer talk each week with special guests (often our advertising partners) sharing their knowledge and experience on current hot topics. Each week’s show rotates between Green Living, Natural Health, Food & Supplements, and Mind Spirit. Advertisements during the broadcasts rotate between our advertising partners, and every show is archived online at and SoundCloud.


• Search-oriented website:, with 60,000 pageviews per month
• Annual printed directory: 100,000 copies distributed at 1000+ locations near you
• A rich archive of articles focused on conscious and sustainable living 
• Virtual communities of like-minded users on social media
• Weekly radio show on Alternative Talk 11:50 AM and all shows are posted online 
• Online event calendar that encourages individuals to engage in their communities

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