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A Parable

There was a woman who lived on the edge of a desert. She had almost everything she needed in life; food, shelter, some comfort. But no water. The dry, hot breeze from over the desert would touch her, day and night. She was parched: her lips cracked; her skin tough. There seemed to be no hope of relief.

And yet, her life wasn't all that bad, with the one exception. She believed she should be grateful for what she did have.

There was a well near-by, dry throughout all remembered time. Each day the woman went to the well, hoping for water: moisture: relief from her arid life. She tried one approach after another, creatively exploring options that might, possibly, maybe, break her years of dry tradition by the well. To no avail.

Travelers would come by occasionally, talking about life beyond the desert edge. They told stories of another way of life; stories of lush greenery moistened by soft air; of pools of water in yards, simply for decoration; of lakes and rivers in abundance. They invited her to travel with them.

Sometimes the woman was tempted to go with the travelers. Their stories were appealing. But she knew in her heart she was not a quitter. The life she lived had some comforts, after all. It could be worse. And, who could know if these stories of ease were true? Who could know if what she went to would be as good as what she had already? No. The risk was too great. Someday she would find water. It would work.

There was a woman who died on the edge of a desert. Some travelers found her body. They carried her a few miles down the road to a lake nestled among the hills where they buried her.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyrights belong to Doniella Boaz, LMHC. Please request permission before reproducing in any manner. JOURNEY WITH YOUR SPIRIT CHILD A travel guide to self-awareness and life changes ISBN 1-59092-109-7 Windstorm Creative Press


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