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A Sustainable New Year Resolution

Each year we begin with the best of intentions, wanting to improve ourselves. With a healthy body and mind, better relations, more wealth in our lives, we make resolutions to improve. Unfortunately, we often overestimate what we can do and underestimate the time needed to make the changes for our healthy body. Making demands on a body that it isn't ready for can show up quickly as pain problems. Also, we can be continuing our old pattern of over committing ourselves to activities and under serving ourselves in taking care of our bodies.

A physical therapist with multiple clinics told me the first quarter of the year had guaranteed income from rehab for all the people trying to complete their yearly resolutions in the first 2 weeks. Sometimes we may even need to reduce our activity level or seek care so that we can start off with a clean slate, injury- and restriction-free.

If we remember that our new year's resolutions are for the year and not for the first week or two, we'll have a good chance of avoiding injury and pain problems. We'll have a better chance of completing our resolutions instead of discarding them in the first month.

Please give yourself a schedule that uses steps of improvement, for incremental or step-sized change is change that lasts. Starting slow and working up is no crime. No matter if you want to walk/run farther, lift more, swim faster, taking it in bite-sized chunks can be a big factor in your success. If you worry you won't make enough progress, remember that increasing just 10 percent per week means you'll be doing more than 500 percent more at the end of the year. Not so bad, eh?

You may be reading this article after you've begun overdoing your activity resolutions and have already begun experiencing pain and disappointment. Don't worry and don't try to push through the pain. Go see your local Bowenwork practitioner for a tune-up and recovery session to get you back on the road to success.

This article is extracted from the Bowen News, a monthly newsletter by Kevin Minney

To locate a Bowenwork practitioner near you, check out the listings under Natural Health: Bowenwork.


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