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Allow Me to Help You Find Some Peace

Hello Everyone, I want to personally invite you to my online class on "Grounding – Antidote to Anxiety". Like most people, I have recently been using our imposed confinement to see where I needed some improvement. During this time I have felt more frustration and not completing projects as easily as I did previously, like more clutter piles. What was going on? Gee, I noticed I had stopped using my grounding technique lately. Once I started grounding again and doing an assessment, all the frustrations lessened. Now I'm back on track. We often get distracted in an effort to accomplish a task. So, I thought and wondered how many of you could use a good grounding technique? Better yet - an online Zoom class to help answer any questions. This is a personal invitation -- open only to those receiving this email. Also, see the "Grounding" technique on my website: [CLICK HERE] See you there, Darielle Invitation: "Grounding - Antidote to Anxiety" - an online class Time: Mar 27, 2021, 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Your Personal Invitation to Join the Zoom Meeting:

Are you a clencher, a gritter, a hand-wringer, or sleepless?

These are signs of anxiety and stress, played out during the day and when trying to sleep. These ways of grinding or hand-wringing or sleeplessness are ways our body and mind are trying to find a solution. It is important to deal with these symptoms as soon as you notice them. In heightened states of anxiety, we can gain weight, feel disconnected, and everyday projects become harder. Our hands and feet feel cold, we have a lack of focus and overwhelm. These are the sandwich of the day. We lose touch with our body, mind, and soul. What I really want is “Peace”. I can help you with that. Stop gritting and start “Grounding” “Grounding” is the antidote to anxiety to stop the gritting, grinding, and sleepless nights. Grounding brings you back into your body and into the present time. It is a simple process that helps release pent-up frustrations by creating a relaxed, calming state, the sympathetic response, and gain balance again. The “sympathetic nervous system” (SNS) controls the body’s responses to a perceived threat and is responsible for the “fight or flight” or “freeze” response. As a hypnotherapist and energy worker, it is vital to remain grounded and clear when assisting my clients. I have found many clients come with any number of stress problems, “grounding” is an easy way to help release those troubles fast. This is something my clients can do themselves. It makes me happy to share this technique with you. “Grounding” – Antidote to Anxiety I like the feel of a deep connection to Mother Earth, see the magma, and fire the purifier. I release my issues, fears, anger, frustrations, and whatever emotion I wish to release. Then I enjoy the nurturing, healing power of “Mother Earth”, the “Blue Planet”, our home. Here is the technique I use: (Do not drive, or use machinery doing this technique). “Grounding” technique:

  1. Turn off distractions for about 5 minutes.

  2. Find a comfortable chair.

  3. Take a few deep breaths.

  4. Imagine a cord running down, deep into the earth. I like to see roots to feel anchored.

  5. Pick the issue most irritating you.

  6. Set the Intention to release this issue from your mind, body, soul, and life.

  7. See or feel the issue going down the roots to “Mother Earth” and to the fire.

  8. Take time to feel the release.

  9. Invite the healing energy in. Sit here a bit, absorbing it.

  10. Take a deep breath and return to your today.

This is a short quick on-the-spot version of the technique. Join me for a more in-depth class on Grounding and Anxiety assessment - see above. Learn to use science, and energy work to gain control, clarity, and reconnect again. This interactive class will show you how amazing you are. You do have the ability to calm anxiety quickly.


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