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Am I A Sweet Heart To Myself?

Special Valentine Day’s Message, It can be a great time to celebrate the love of our spouse. For other’s it is the loss of a spouse, or one serving in the Military.

There is one Sweetheart we so often miss in fact most people miss it. It is our own self-love and viewing ourselves as a sweetheart. We give so much energy to other, can become invisible. So take a moment to think where do you celebrate you?

A few fun things to do for Valentine’s Day or any day.

You can celebrate the day— self-love. Some ideas that could inspire you:

Invite friend over, widows or soldier’s family,

Plan a nice dinner out

Volunteer at a Shelter if you love animals,

Write and leave cards at a nearby nursing home.

Host: Darielle Archer

Guest: Darielle Archer

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