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I have seen angels on many occasions. When I talk about seeing angels I am not talking about seeing with the physical eyes. I am referring to seeing by using ‘mind screen' or inner/third eye. To locate the area of this third eye first start with your physical eyes open, looking straight ahead. Notice where your eyes are focusing. The focal point from each of your eyes converges at a point somewhere in the area of the bridge of your nose. Now close your eyes and you will notice that the focal point will move slightly upward onto the forehead. This is the ‘mind screen'. When I see angels on my mind screen the images are vivid, with distinct shapes. They are white on a black or dark back ground like the opposite of a film negative.

My experience when I see them is that I become hyper-alert in all my senses, while feelings of joy and peace come over me. I want time to stand still so I can watch every movement they make. I believe these images are energy of a higher frequency or vibration than humans are accustomed to seeing with our physical eyes. I have been told by the beings that are making the images that they bring their vibration down as I bring my vibration up, so that I can see the vibration of that high frequency. I think they appear to us in a semi-physical form because seeing something deepens a sense of knowing of what is true. I bring my vibration up by keeping the energy flowing that is in and around me. This is done by deep breathing, while doing exercises to open my major energy centers or chakras. These energy centers are similar to the function of the points on the acupuncture meridians that regulate one's energy.

I also have the ability to hear them talking to me. You can practice hearing the angels by listening to sound in the distance and contrasting it with sound that is close to you. To practice, place your attention on each side of your head in the area right above your ears or temporal lobes. You will notice the heightened sensitivity to the near and far sounds as you then repeat the exercise of focusing back and forth. The next step is to notice that some sounds seem to be outside of you and some inside of you. For example, notice people having a conversation that you can hear outside of you versus talking to yourself with your thoughts.

When the angels are talking it is outside of you. They speak in English, but it is often old language, like in the old versions of the Bible. It is thrilling and often amazing what information is given to me so that I can take a clearer direction for healing with my clients.

The first time I saw an angel was at the introductory workshop for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. The angel was in a gown that was flowing like a satin curtain. I noticed that it had wings. I wondered what it's name was, but could not understand what was being told to me since I was new at hearing verbal messages. I asked it to write it's name so I could see it. In cursive it wrote ‘Sila'. I have since found reference to it in a book of historical sightings and quotes from angels, "A Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson. Sila is still working with me over a decade later. It is the angel that I call on for most of my questions. However, it never uses the first person when speaking. It always says "we". Sila has explained this is closer to a multidimensional speech form, rather than an individuated form. I think we hear the auditory messages as a single voice because it is easier for us to decipher what is being said. I find that angels are different sizes and I categorize this one as a medium one.

The largest angel I have seen is when Barbara Brennan was on the stage for the closing ceremony of my first week at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. It was huge. I think it's height was about fifteen feet as it reached from the floor of the stage to the ceiling. It came down over Barbara Brennan head and merged with her as she was channeling spiritual healing and blessings. Everyone in the school was in the auditorium - about 900 people. I was sitting several rows back and at a diagonal to center stage meditating as we were instructed to do, sitting as upright as possible on the chair, with my feet directly on the floor forming a triangle with my tailbone. My mind was simply processing the past days' events when a very vivid angel popped into my mind screen. It had a white gown as my other sighting of Sila had. Still with my eyes closed, I zoomed my focus in on the wings. They had white feathers just like the cream cheese commercials, however this was before the commercials appeared on television. I was awestruck! I carefully explored more, moving my vision around slowly. The head of the angel had no visual face, but there was a halo above it's head. Then as I scanned again, I saw it had no feet as it floated in air. In real time this whole experience lasted only about eight minutes. I was excited to say the least. I opened my physical eyes and leaned to one side to see Barbara Brennan on stage moving her arms in the same way that the angel was moving its wings, like a bird in flight, gracefully front to back.

From that day on my confidence has soared. I have known that I was in the right place, doing the right thing, with the right timing in my life. At the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Barbara Brennan explained her experience of a dove image first appearing and then transforming into angels as it came down over her head. She explained that when this merging happens, she is channeling The "Goddess" healings and blessings. She did these healing at the end of each week for the first two years of the four years that I was at the school. As things naturally evolved, she channeled other healing energies, such as physical, emotional, community, and global healing events at the end of each week.

Other times I have seen angels at the upper-most peaks in the sanctuaries of churches. They are just hanging out there and watching what is happening. What fun it has been to see them! They bring me a sense of joy. Sometime they are medium in size and sometimes small like cherubs. Several times, as my client lies down on my healing table, an angel will come and use its wings to cradle and rock them. The clients reported to me the nurturing rocking sensation as well as the amazing peacefulness they experience. I, too, experience and enjoy the peacefulness of their presence.

When I traveled to a client's home in Mexico I saw and heard small cherub angels playing music in different rooms of the house. On each occasion a church member had come to give the sacraments of bread and wine to the family. In this same home I was surprised and thrilled when, as I was doing a hands-on healing, the spirit of a Saint that was related to the family came and blessed me for doing my work with them. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful that tears rolled down my face.

I now get messages from the angels on a daily basis for myself and my clients. These messages are a combination of auditory, visual and a feeling sense of knowing the angels are present. They serve me in getting the healing plan and direction that is best in each situation. As I lay my hands on a client, the angels use my body as a vessel to make contact with the client. Over the years they have guided me to be the channel for more and more challenging healings. Many of my healings are being done on specific tissues in the body. For example, damage to tissues in the brain can be associated with ADD, depression, hearing or vision loss or balance issues. My work is never boring because I am always learning something new. I am so blessed to be doing this work with the angels.


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