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Art Fosters Creativity & Healing

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We often hear the phrase "arts and science" making it sound like these are two distinctive elements. In the Guardian's report "Why the Arts are Essential to Science and Innovation", art correspondent Mark Brown revealed evidence that the arts and our inventive tendency are interconnected. The report quoted W. James McNerney, the CEO of Boeing, saying "The arts inspire innovation by leading us to open our minds and think in new ways about our lives - including the work we do, the way we work, and the customers we serve."

The arts allow us to tap into our inner potential. Besides inspiring our creative power, arts can also fuel our healing capacity. Leith Eaton, our guest this week, has a life-long passion in the arts. She is a successful artist who is also devoting her creative talent to healing. She shared her journey and current work with our listeners. Find out how the arts inspire and change lives.

Art inspires and changes lives.

Listen to broadcast 06/11/13

Leith Eaton, Artist, Author of "Journey to the Fountain of You", Founder, World Federation of Nations Foundation for World Peace and Global Enlightenment.


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